Auction : 27th November 2021

Downloadable catalogue: (no illustrations)

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Catalogue online (with illustrations) :

  1. Beaux-arts - 1ère partie (lots 1 to 118)
  2. Affiches, publicité (lots 119 to 153)
  3. Beaux-arts - 2e partie (lots 154 to 266)
  4. Impressions et manuscrits (anciens) (lots 267 to 280)
  5. Impressions du XVIIIe siècle (lots 281 to 291)
  6. Impressions du XIXe siècle (lots 292 to 318)
  7. Cartonnages et illustrés (lots 319 to 353)
  8. Impressions du XXe siècle (lots 354 to 477)
  9. Belgicana (lots 478 to 496)
  10. Bande dessinée (lots 497 to 506)
  11. Sculptures (lots 507 to 516)
  12. Verrerie (lots 517 to 526)
  13. Armes anciennes (lots 527 to 534)
  14. Lots de fin de vente (lots 535 to 549)

Removal of lots

Saturday, November 27th during the auction
Monday, November 29th from 10am to 6pm
Tuesday, 30th July from 10am to 6pm.

Sales conditions for auctions

Payment by bank transfer, debit card, Visa or Mastercard credit card.
Payment in cash up to 3000 EUR.
For buyers in the USA, payment by bank transfer or by link - SAFERPAY Worldline (Visa and MasterCard).


Offices of Misters F. Dessart, J-M. Mesters, P. Boulet Bailiffs for Liege. Participation in the bidding implies unconditional acceptance of the following terms of sale :

  1. The highest bidder - the last bidder - is the successful bidder. He has the obligation to pay the auction price for the lot in cash, plus 25% for costs and VAT. The auction house maintains the right to refuse any bid, to take any decision , to group or withdraw lots without justifying its decision. According to the law of 30 June 1994 on authors’ rights, the Buyer shall pay in addition to the hammer price an Artist Resale Right (droit de suite) of 4% on the part of the hammer price from 2,000 €. The “droit de suite” is over when the artist died for more than 70 years. In case of “live bidding”, the Auction House will charge the buyer an extra commission: 1.5% for Drouot Digital(in the event of an online auction, these 1.5% are not applicable) or 5% for Invaluable.
  2. The auctioneer may refuse any auction, proceed to any decision, grouping or withdrawal of lots without having to justify its decision.
  3. Works for sale match the description in the catalogue and are complete, except if indicated otherwise. Works in a lot are not collated.
  4. Works up for sale that have been exhibited in accordance with the catalogue description cannot be consulted or examined during the sale.
  5. In case of contention, or a bidding error, the lot will be called out again. The Bailiff or Notary in attendance has final say, and his decisions cannot be appealed, regardingall disputes that might occur concerning the bidding during the auction.
  6. The Lhomme Bookshop, 9 rue des Carmes, 4000 Liege will, under the usual conditions and fees, place orders for parties unable to attend the auction.
  7. Numerical order will be followed.
  8. Buyers are required to pay for and pick up the attributed lots within 10 working days following the auction. After this time, the auction house has the right, without formal advance notice to put the lots that have been paid for, but not picked up, up for sale again. Notwithstanding legal proceedings for payment from the defaulting buyer, within the indicated deadline, unpaid lots can be put up for sale again when the auction house judges opportune to do so. In this case, the buyer will have to pay the potential difference in price as well as all costs and outlays for the sale necessary to sell the lot again. He cannot claim the surplus, if there is one.
  9. Bills and bank statements are payable in full. For any unpaid sum that is due, interest will be added, by right, with no advance formal notice at the rate of 1% per month. Moreover, in the case of non-payment of the owed amounts when due, by right, there will be additional charges of a lump sum amount of 15% for contractual damages and interest, with a minimum of 60€, in addition to late interest.
  10. All bidders are reputed to act in their own name and are held personally responsible for pay- ment of the lots that are sold to them in whatever manner. They must pay the total amount in Belgian currency or with a certi- fied check before removing the lots, and this within the foreseen time period stated in article 8. In the case of payment with a non-certified check, the auction house has the right to defer delivery of goods sold until the check has been cashed. The objects will remain at the risk of the buyer during this additional time period.
  11. By decision of the Association of Auction houses of 30 November 1984, the splitting of bills after the sale is not accepted, and only purchase orders presented to the auction house or its delegate will be taken into consideration.
  12. To conduct business, the Lhomme bookshop needs to record data about you. We grant the utmost importance to the protection of your privacy. Processing your personal data is done in compliance with the European legislation on the protection of privacy, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  13. In case of contention, the courts of Liege will have sole jurisdiction.