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Auction: 28th March 2015.

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Oil on canvas: MAMBOUR (Auguste), 90 x 85. 1923 & MARNEFFE (Ernest), 74 x 44.

ENSOR (James). La Cathédrale. 1er tirage. 1886.

MORIS (Louis Marie). Napoléon riding. Height: 120 cm.

Auction: 20th December 2014

Catalogue and RESULTS available (Click on "Auction room") - presentation of the sale at the bottom of this page

Centerpiece of an important set: one of the seven paintings by Paul Joseph Carpay (1822 - 1892).

DIMENSIONS: 3,65 m. x 2,00 m. + 4 x 1,58 m. x 2,00 m.

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